Bonnie Udny

On Springthyme SPRCD 1038
Jane Turriff - Singin is Ma Life

Sung by Jane Turriff accompanying herself with harmonium.

While this version is localised to Udny in Aberdeenshire, there are a number of Scottish, Irish and English equivalents to this song. (GD 1089, Ord 341, and Henry 171 has a similar first line). The song is still quite well known in the living tradition in Scotland and there are other versions on Springthyme: Jock Duncan (SPRCD 1039), Daisy Chapman (MTCD 308).

Jane: 'T's a gey aul song that. There's a lot o travellers eest tae sing't.

1: Oh Udny, bonnie Udny, ye stand faur ye shine,
The more l look at you the more my heart warms,
Bit if I wis in Udny I wid think mysel at hame,
For it's there l've got a sweetheart but here I've got none.
2: Over hills and through valleys how often l've gone,
Through brambles and brushwood, myself all alone,
Through hedges an ditches an dark nights an clear,
I have wandered tae Udny tae visit my dear.
3: Oh it's nae the lang journey that I hae tae go;
It's nae the long road that vexes me so;
It's the leavin o Udny an the loved ones behind;
O Udny, bonnie Udny, ye're aye in ma mind.
4: It wis on a certain Sunday that me an my love met,
Which caused me on a Monday tae mourn ower my fate;
Bit tae spoil my eyes fae cryin, whit a fool I wid be,
For she's gone to coort another, let her go where will she.
5: Aa the lads aboot Udny, they're aa rovin blades,
They tak great delight in coortin fair maids;
They tak them, ay, an kiss them an spend their money free,
Bit aa the lands in bonnie Scotland, bonnie Udny's for me.
6: Oh we'll drink an be merry, we'll drink then gang hame,
But if we bide here muckle langer, we'll get a bad name,
And tae get a bad name, love, an fill oursels fu,
An we've the lang walks tae Udny, they're ay tae gang through.

Recorded by Allan Palmer Mintlaw 1979

Traditional arranged Jane Turriff
Springthyme Records © 1996.