Jock HawkÕs Adventures

On Springthyme SPRCD 1042
Shepheard, Spiers & Watson - They Smiled as We Cam In

Arthur Watson: One of many northeast songs, along with The Tarves Rant and My Rovin Eye, which warn the unsuspecting ploughman of the allure and consequences of going on the spree in village, town or city. In Aberdeenshire, Jock HawkÕs Adventures commonly shares a tune with the bothy song Guise o Tough. Here we use another Guise o Tough tune collected in the Alford area by Peter Hall in the 1960s. (GD 2:295; Roud 2331)

Arthur (vocal) with Pete (melodeon and vocal) and Tom (fiddle and vocal)

1: Ah tae Glesga toun I gaed ae nicht tae spend a penny fee, [penny fee=wage
A bonnie wee lass she gied consent tae bear me company.

Hooch on linkie doo, linkie doodle day,
Hooch on linkie doodle toor aye ae.

2: We wandered through Jamaica Street doun by the Broomielaw,
The organ lads played rich and sweet and fiddlers ane or twa.

3: We gaed intae a tavern, I ordered up some gin,
And aa the folk aboot the place they smiled as we cam in.

4: We hidnae been in there an hour fan in cam half a score,
O sailor lads and quines sae braw weÕd never seen afore.

5: I bocht them each a gless o gin, they drank it aff richt free,
And ilka ane they drank success tae the bonnie wee lassie and me.

6: The nicht gaed on wi mirth and sang till daylicht did appear,
Syne up come their bosun says, ÒAll hands on deck appear.Ó

7: The sailors took a pairtin gless the lassies said, "Goodbye."
The hindmost ane as he gaed oot says, ÒJock yeÕve aa tae pey.Ó

8: Noo they've taen fae me ma watch and chain and they've taen fae me ma knife,
ItÕs a wunner they hanna taen fae me ma wee bit spunk o life.

9: Weel I cam intae this world a bairn, sae nakit and sae bare,
And IÕll ging oot the same fae Glesga, IÕll never ging nae mair.

10: So come aa ye jolly plooman lads, a warning tak fae me,
Never ging tae Glesgae toun, yeÕre better in Lochee.

Hooch on linkie doo, linkie doodle day,
Hooch on linkie doodle toor aye ae.

c p 2006 Springthyme Records