Atween Stanehive and Laurencekirk

On Springthyme SPRCD 1042
Shepheard, Spiers & Watson - They Smiled as We Cam In

Arthur Watson: In the days of horse power northeast farm servants were bound by a strict hierarchal rule with the first horseman taking precedence over the others who were ranked beneath him in order. His was the choice pair of horse, the seat nearest the fire and the bed furthest from the doorÕs draught. He led the men out to their work and in to their meals. This song is unusual in that it details female hierarchy - the new foreman is dismissed after courting a servant girl rather than the farmerÕs daughter (the maiden). (GD 3:376; Roud 5589)

Arthur (vocal) with Pete (melodeon) and Tom (fiddle)

1: Atween Stanehive and Laurencekirk itÕs there I did agree,
Wi a wealthy fairmer, his foreman for tae be;
Tae drive his twa best horses and tae cairt or herrie or ploo, [harrow
And tae dee aathing about fairm work that richt weel I could do.

2: I worked ma horses carefully and I did ma maister please,
Excepting for some rants o fun which did his temper tease;
But in the month o January as you may well believe,
ItÕs for coortin wi the serving girlie we baith did get wir leave.

3: Ae nicht in tae the stable on a tryst I met her there,
Expecting for tae get some fun or guid advice tae gie her;
But the maister he got word o this and quickly he cam ower,
And itÕs there heÕs gien us baith wir leave just at the stable door.

4: But itÕs nae on the maister o that toun that I lay aa the blame, [toun=farm
But on the maiden o that place, that high respected dame;
ItÕs on the maiden o that place, nae lads come her tae see,
And she could nae stand tae see sic fun atween ma girlie and me.

5: So come aa ye jolly plooman lads and try tae mend the faut, [fault
Be sure itÕs wi the maiden first that ye maun court and daut; [play, fondle
And dinnae coort the serving girlies and let the maiden bye,
Or ye may be sure and very sure yer term will seen be nigh. [seen=soon

6: It is a maist disgraceful thing when coortinÕs caad a crime, [caad=called
It his been practiced in the world, Guid only kens the time;
But in the toun abeen the road it is forbidden there, [abeen=above
So when coorting wi the servant girlies, I bid yees aa beware.

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