The Plooman Laddies

On Autumn Harvest AH 002
Old Songs & Bothy Ballads - Here's a Health to the Company

Elizabeth Stewart & Alison McMorland sing:

This lovely old traditional song in praise of the ploughman became widely known in the Scottish folk clubs after it was recorded by the American folklorist Kenneth Goldstein from Elizabeth’s aunt Lucy Stewart of Fetterangus around 1960.

1: Doon yonder den there's a plooman lad,
And some summer day he'll be aa my ain.
And sing laddie O and sing laddie aye,
The plooman laddies are aa the go.

2: I love his teeth and I love his skin,
I love the very cairt he hurls in.

3: Doon yonder den I could hae gotten a miller,
But the smell o dust wad hae deen me ill.

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