The Moorlough Shore

On Autumn Harvest AH 002
Old Songs & Bothy Ballads - Here's a Health to the Company

Roisin White sings:

Roisin learned The Moorlough Shore from Len Graham. A young man praises the beauties of the countryside and of the girl he loves but, after she rejects him, he boards ship and sails away, while still praising the girl he loves that dwells near the Moorlough Shore.

1: You hills and dales and flowery vales that lie near the Moorlough Shore,
You winds that blow o'er Martin's Hill, will I e'er see you more;
Where the primrose grows and the violets blow, the trout and the salmon play,
With my line and hook, delight I took to spend my youthful day.

2: Last night I went to see my girl to hear what she might say,
That she might take some pity on me for I was going away;
She said, "I love a sailor boy and him I do adore,
So take this as your answer now and trouble me no more."

3: Perhaps your sailor laddie's lost while crossing o'er the main.
Or perhaps he's met some other fair maid, you'll not see him again;
"Well if my sailor boy is lost no other I'll never enjoy,
For ever since I saw his face I love my sailor boy."

4: Our good ship lies at Warren Point right ready for to sail,
May the winds that blow may favour her with a sweet and pleasant gale;
And I ten hundred pounds in gold or had I ten times more,
I would leave it all to the girl I love that dwells near Moorlough Shore.

5: Farewell unto Lord Antrim's groves where stands the linen mill,
Where the linen cloth lies clean and white and the crystal streams run still;
Where many's the pleasant hour I've spent but now alas they're o'er,
Since the girl I love has banished me far, far from the Moorlough Shore.

c p 2005 Autumn Harvest AH002