Dae Ye Mind on Lang Lang Syne

On Autumn Harvest AH 002
Old Songs & Bothy Ballads - Here's a Health to the Company

Maggie Macrae sings:

For Maggie this is a local song - based in Newmills a little down the Irvine valley from Darvel in Ayrshire. Composed in the 1800s by a minister, the Rev George S Lawrie, a friend to Robert Burns who had often been a guest at the manse in Newmills. The song takes a nostalgic view of childhood and places mentioned in the song such as Patie’s Mill and Whinniehill are in and around Newmills.

1. Dae ye mind on lang, lang syne
When the summer days were fine,
When the sun shone brighter far
Than it's ever done sin syne?
Dae ye mind the Haa Brig Turn
Whaur we guddled in the burn,
And were late for the schuil in the mornin?

2. Dae ye mind the sunny braes
Whaur we gaithered hips and slaes,
And fell among the bramble bushes,
Tearin aa wir claes?
And for fear we wid be seen,
We went slippin hame at een,
But we'd dae't ower again in the mornin.

3. Dae ye mind the miller's dam
Whaur the frosty winter cam?
We slid amongst the curlers' rinks
And made their game a sham;
When they chased us through the snaw,
We took leg bail yin and aa,
But we're feared for the tawse in the mornin.
[leg bail - escape by running

4. Oh what precious time was there,
Wi oor games o hound and hare
When we played the truant fae the schuil
Because it was the Fair;
And we ran fae Patie's Mill,
Ower the woods tae Whinny Hill,
But were feared for the tawse in the mornin.

5. Where are aa these bricht herts noo,
That were yince sae leal and true?
For some hae left life's troubled scene,
Some still are strugglin through;
But some hae risen high,
In life's changefull destiny,
For they rose wi the lark in the morning.

6. Oh oor life's sweet spring is past,
And the autumn's come at last;
Oor summer days hae passed away,
Life's winter's comin fast;
But though lang the nicht may seem,
We will sleep withoot a dream,
Till we waakin on that bright summer's mornin.

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