Amang the Neeps and the Barley

On Autumn Harvest AH 004
Old Songs & Bothy Ballads - Some Rants o Fun

Ron Bissett sings:

Here Ron sings Amang the Neeps and the Barley - a song composed in the 1970s by Jean Sutherland of Newburgh in Fife.

1: Oh I mind o the time I grew tired o the fairm,
I made up ma mind I wad leave at the term;
I wad gang tae the city, a fortune I'd mak,
And I would be happy - I'd never go back.

Amang the neeps and the barley, the corn and the rye,
As sure as ye're livin, I'll tell ye nae lie,
Though I never have riches and the world pass me bye,
I'll be a ploughboy till the day that I die.
Toora lye, toora lee,
Oh hoo wad ye, hoo wad ye like tae be me.

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