Bogie's Bonnie Belle

Hector Riddell of Feughside, Banchory: On Autumn Harvest ah006: Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: Nick-knack on the Waa. Live from the Fife Traditional Singing Festival May 2007.

A famous song based on an event that took place in Aberdeenshire in the 1880s.

1: Ae market day in Huntly toun, 'twas was there I did agree,
Wi Bogieside the fairmer, a saxmonth for tae fee;
For Bogie was a surly carle and I did know that well,
But Bogie had a dother braw and her name it was Belle.

2: Noo Belle she wis the bonniest lass in aa the countryside,
And very soon I lost ma hert tae the belle o Bogieside;
An daffing on a summer's nicht I'd wander wi ma dear,
Tae see the trouties lowpin on Bogie's water clear.

3: Though weel I kent I wisnae match for Bogie's Bonnie Belle,
When e'er she turned her ee on me she fairly cast a spell;
I tried in vain tae keep awa fen it cam tae eventide,
But in a dream I'd wander till we met on Bogieside.

4: 'Twas jist afore the term time aul Bogie cam tae me,
And said, wi face as black as nicht, "It's you I wint tae see;
If what is true my dother says, we can nae langer agree,
It's doun the road ye'll gang withoot a penny o your fee."

5: Says I, "Ma man ye're fairly richt," an I hung my heid in shame,
"Bit I will marry Belle the morn and gie tae her my name."
He cursed and swore and in his rage he said that rather he
Would see his daughter lying deid than married untae me.

6: Though I was but a plooman chiel, I thocht he wis some sair,
Though hard it wis tae pairt wi Belle, I didna say nae mair;
But I packed ma kist and I left the toun, dear Belle I didna see,
I wis that mad I never socht the wages due tae me.

7: Bit noo a tinker she has wed, his nickname Souder John,
She hawks his pans and rousers aroun by Foggyloan;
They say aul Bogie rues the day that he did rave and yell,
Ah weel! 'twas me first won the hert o Bogie's Bonnie Belle.

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