Nancy's Whisky

Steve Black of Arnside, Lancashire: On Autumn Harvest ah006: Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: Nick-knack on the Waa. Live from the Fife Traditional Singing Festival May 2007.

A Kintyre song that Steve learned from Willie Scott who picked it up from Willie Mitchell of Campbeltown during the 1968 Blairgowrie Festival.

1: I'm a weaver that follows weaving,
I'm a young and rovin blade;
To buy meself a new suit of clothing,
To Stewarton me way I made.

2: And as I come round by Stewarton corner,
Nancy's Whisky I chanced to spy;
Thinks I tae meself, I'll go in and taste her,
For 'tis seven long years now I've been dry.

3: Oh the more I tasted, the more I liked it,
The more I liked it, I tasted more;
Yes, the more I tasted, the more I liked it,
Till all my senses were gone ashore.

4: When I woke up the next morning,
I found meself in a stranger's bed;
I tried to rise but I was not able,
For Nancy's whisky held down my head.

5: I called for the landlady,
And I asked her what the reckoning be,
"The reckoning be full thirty shillings,
Come pay me quickly, be on your way."

6: I put me hand into ma pocket,
And all I had, I laid it doon;
And when I'd paid my thirty shillings,
All I'd left was a poor half-croon.

7: And as I went oot and around the corner,
A bonnie lassie I chanced to spy;
And on her I paid my two white shillings,
Till all was left, a crooked boy.

8: So I'll go back and I'll start ma weaving,
And ma shuttle, I'll mak fly;
And curses be on Nancy's whisky,
For Nancy's whisky has ruined I.

c p 2008 Autumn Harvest :