Anita Best

Anita Best Special overseas guest Anita Best was brought up in one of the fishing outports of Newfoundland - on Merasheen island in Placentia Bay, depopulated during Newfoundland's community re-settlement program of the 1970s. Her early life in one of the most culturally rich parts of Newfoundland inspired a fire and passion to collect and interpret a tradition and culture which seemed to be departing in tandem with the disappearing communities. Recognised as an outstanding traditional singer, she has recorded several albums, hosted a CBC Radio series and runs a bi-weekly concert in the summer months. Anita's three songs on this album represent some of the wide spectrum of songs that are part of Newfoundland's rich singing tradition - songs originally from England such as In Bristol there lived a Fair Damsel, ancient ballads such as the rare Bonnie Banks o Fordie versions of which are still sung in Scotland and The Union from St John's one of very many Newfoundland shipping disaster songs.

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