The Vinney Den

Sung by Jim Reid on Jim Reid: I Saw the Wild Geese Flee
Words and music by Jim Reid/Springthyme Music © 1984

The Vinney burn runs through the beautiful Vinney Den at Letham, Angus and all the places named in the song are in the same area. Jim wrote this new ballad in 1983 and it is widely accepted as one of Jim's finest songs.

As I gaed ower by Bractley Brig,
'Twas on my way tae Bowrie Fau'd;
I met wi sic a bonnie lass,
Wad turn the een o ony lad.

Said I, "Ma dear it's gettin late,
The sun's lang drapped ower Lownie Hill.
Have you got very far to go?"
She said, "I bide at Idvies Mill."

"My faither he's the miller there,
An honest man ye'll shairly ken;
He'll treat ye fairly if ye'll see me
Safely through the Vinney Den."

I took her hand and we set aff,
Tae struggle doun the burnside;
The lengthenin shadows grew sae dark,
My growin fear I tried tae hide.

I said tae her, "Let's sing a sang,
The tune will help us on oor way."
She sang sae sweet I lost ma fear,
She fairly stole ma hert away.

But when we cam tae the Feuar's Inn,
Efter we'd won through dark Vinney Den;
Ma bonnie lass was taen awa,
By four an twenty angry men.

But she broke loose, cam rinnin back,
When she saw they'd tied me tae a tree,
Sayin, "Is this the thanks a laddie gets,
For aa the help he's been tae me?"

They listened tae her story then,
They took a knife and cut me loose;
They set us baith upon a horse,
And led us tae her faither's hoose.

Her faither was sae glad tae see
That she was safe and free from harm;
And I was asked if I wad fee
As horseman on Auchterlownie fairm.

I coorted her from that day on,
An tae wed wi me she did agree;
Tho auld an grey we aye will mind
When she cam through the Vinney Den wi me.

c p 1984, 2009 Springthyme Records