Bogie's Bonnie Belle

Sung by Jim Reid on Jim Reid: I Saw the Wild Geese Flee
Traditional adapted and arranged Jim Reid/Springthyme Music © 1984

A powerful love song and bothy ballad well known in various versions throughout North-East Scotland. Jim considers this his all-time favourite folk song.

Ae Witsuntide at Huntly toun,
'Twas there I did agree,
Wi auld Bogieside, the fairmer,
A sixmonths for tae fee.

Noo Bogie wis a hungery chiel,
An this I knew fu well;
But he had a lovely dochter,
An her name wis Isabelle.

Noo Belle she wis the bonniest lass,
In aa the countryside;
It wis very soon I lost ma hert,
Tae the Belle o Bogieside.

An often in the summertime,
I'd wander wi ma dear;
Tae watch the trouties loupin,
By Bogie's water clear.

I taen her by the middle sma,
An I ca'd her ma wee dear;
'Twas there I taen ma will o her
By Bogie's water clear.

Noo nine lang months had passed an gane,
An she brocht forth a son;
An auld Bogie he sent efter me,
Tae see what could be done.

I said that I wad mairry her,
But na, that wad nae dae;
For I'm nae match for Bogie's Belle,
An she's nae match for me.

An noo I've left auld Huntlyside,
I've even broke ma fee;
For I couldna bear tae see ma dear
Condemned tae misery.

Noo I hear she's wad tae a tinkler chap
That cam ower fae Huntly toun;
An wi jeely pans an ladles
She scoors the country roun.

An mebbe she's gotten a better lad,
Auld Bogie canna tell;
Sae fareweel ye lads o Huntlyside
An Bogie's Bonnie Belle.

c p 1984, 2009 Springthyme Records