Flower of Northumberland

Sung by Jim Reid on Jim Reid: I Saw the Wild Geese Flee
Traditional adapted and arranged Jim Reid/Springthyme Music © 1984

A concise version of this popular ballad of the fair flower of Northumberland who falls in love with a prisoner and helps him gain his freedom, and escape over the border to Scotland.

A maid went by the prison door,
Maids with whiles is easy won
And she spied a prisoner a-standin there
A-wishing he was in fair Scotland.

It's, "Oh fair maid wad ye pity me?"
Maids with whiles is easy won,
"Wad ye steal the key and let me gang free?
And I'll mak ye my lady in fair Scotland."

She went untae her faither's stable,
Maids with whiles is easy won,
And she's stolen the steed that wis baith fleet and able,
Tae cairry them on tae fair Scotland.

And when they cam untae a moss,
Maids with whiles is easy won,
He's bad her licht aff her faither's best horse,
And return again tae Northumberland.

And when she cam tae her faither's ha,
Maids with whiles is easy won,
She's looted her low amangst them aa, [i.e. bowed down
Although she's the flooer o Northumberland.

Then up spoke her faither and he spoke bold,
Maids with whiles is easy won,
"How could ye dae so at fifteen years old
And you the flooer o Northumberland."

Then up spoke her mother she spoke wi a smile,
"Maids with whiles is easy won;
Oh ye're no the first one that he has beguiled,
And ye're welcome back hame tae Northumberland."

c p 1984, 2009 Springthyme Records