Old Songs & Bothy Ballads

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The Songs
1: Bonnie Lass o Fyvie • Gordon Easton
Oh there were a troop o Irish dragoons
And they were stationed in Fyvie O
And the captain’s faan in love wi an awfa bonnie lass,
And her name is caad Pretty Peggy O

2: For Greenland we are Bound • Jock Duncan
Oh for Greenland we are bound,
To leave oor homes behind,
With timbers firm and hearts so warm,
Oh we sail before the wind, the wind,
We sail before the wind.

3: Down The Moor • Roisin White
One morn in May when fields were gay,
Serene and pleasant was the weather,
I spied a lass and a bonnie, bonnie lass,
She was scoopin the dew frae among the heather,
Down the moor.
In among the heather, o’er the moor and through the heather,
I spied a lass and a bonnie bonnie lass,
She was scoopin the dew frae among the heather,
Down the moor.

4: Ye Canna Pit It On tae Sandy • Ron Bissett
Some folk think I’m a funny lookin chap,
Some folk think I dinna care a rap,
Somre folk think they’re awfa clever,
But they’re mair need o their mither.
5: Sir Patrick Spens • Duncan Williamson
O the king sits in Dunfermline Toun,
He’s a-drinkin the blood red wine;
He said, “Whaur shall I find a skeely skipper,
To sail this fine ship o mine?”

6: An Old man Come Courtin Me • Sheila Stewart
An old man come a-courtin me,
Hi doo a darrity
An old man come a-courtin me,
Hi doo a day
An old man come a-courtin me,
Hi doo a darrity
Maids when you’re young,
Never wed an auld man.

7: Bonnie Hoose o Airlie • Stanley Robertson
It fell upon a day on a bonnie summer’s day,
When the clans were awa wi Chairlie;
That there fell oot a great dispute,
Between Argyle and Airlie.

8: The Lover’s Ghost • Alison McMorland & Kirsty Potts
Johnny he promised to marry me,
But I fear he’s with some fair one gone;
There’s something bewails him and I don’t know what it is,
And I’m weary from lying alone.

9: The Muckin o Geordie’s Byre • Geordie Murison
At the little craft upon the hill,
Aroun the neuk fae Sprottie’s mill,
Tryin aa his life the time tae kill
Was Geordie MacIntyre.
Noo he had a wife a sweir’s himsel,
A dother as black’s auld Nick himsel,
They had some fun, haud awa the smell,
At the muckin o Geordie’s byre.

10: Plooman Laddies • Elizabeth Stewart
Doon yonder den there’s a plooman lad,
And some summer day he’ll be aa my ain;
And sing laddie O and sing laddie aye,
The plooman laddies are aa the go.

11: Bonnie Bessie Logan • Gordon Easton
Noo bonnie Bessie Logan she’s handsome young an fair,
And the very wind that blaws, it lingers in her hair;
She’s aye sae fleet and bonnie as she steps ower the lea,
But bonnie Bessie Logan she’s ower young for me.

12: Jock Hawk’s Adventures • Arthur Watson
Ah tae Glesga toun I gaed ae nicht tae spend a penny fee,
A bonnie wee lass she gied consent tae bear me company.
Hooch on linkie doo, linkie doodle day,
Hooch on linkie doodle too rye ae.

13: The Moorlough Shore • Roisin White
You hills and dales and flowery vales that lie near the Moorlough Shore,
You winds that blow o’er Martin’s Hill, will I e’er see you more;
Where the primrose grows and the violets blow, the trout and the salmon play,
With my line and hook, delight I took to spend my youthful day.

14: Muckle Friday Fair • Jim Taylor
There’s joy aa roon the banks o Don
And up the glens o Dee,
Oor sax months wages nearly won,
So the plooman they’ll win free.
The mairket morn is here again,
As weel as mony mair,
So we’ll diddle awa wi the mornin train,
Tae muckle Friday fair.

15: Sae Will We Yet • Jock Duncan
Come cheer up ma cronies and gie us your crack,
Let the wind take care of this life on it’s back;
Oor herts to despondency we never will submit,
For we’ve aye been weel provided for and sae will we yet.
Sae will we yet, oh sae will we yet,
Ah, we’ve aye been weel provided for and sae will we yet.

16: Dae Ye Mind on Lang Lang Syne • Maggie Macrae
Dae ye mind on lang, lang syne when the summer days were fine,
When the sun shone brighter far than it’s ever done sin syne?
Dae ye mind the Haa Brig Turn whaur we guddled in the burn,
And were late for the schuil in the mornin?

17: The Bonnie Hind • Norman Stewart
The may she comes, the may she goes,
Down by the hollin tree,
There she seen a brisk young squire,
As fair, as fair was he.

18: Twa Recruiting Sergeants • Geordie Murison
Twa recruiting sergeants cam frae the Black Watch
At mairkets and fairs some recruits for tae catch.
Aa that they gotten was forty and twa:
Sae list ma bonnie laddie an come awa.

19: The Jolly Beggar • Elizabeth Stewart & Tom McKean
There was a jolly beggar and begging he was bound,
And he’s taen up his quarters in some other toun.
And we’ll gang nae mair a-roving sae late intae the night,
And we’ll gang nae mair a-roving let the meen shine e’er sae bright.

20: The Parting Glass • Sheila Stewart
Oh kind friends and companions come join me in rhyme,
And lift up your voices in chorus wi mine;
Let’s drink and be merry all grief to refrain,
For we may or might never all meet here again.

Credits: Thanks to all the singers who have given free use of their recordings to the East of Scotland Traditional Song Group.
Recorded by Tom Spiers. Design & transcriptions by Peter Shepheard. All songs traditional arranged by the singer except where noted. Photographs by Tom Spiers and Jim Taylor (front) and by permission of Fife Free Press Group (rear). Thanks are due to Fife Council for their generous support. The Fife Traditional Singing Festival is organised and promoted by The East of Scotland Traditional Song Group - a ‘not for profit’ organisation born in 2003 specifically to run the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend and with aims to cover the general promotion of enthusiasm for Scots traditional song.