John Malcolm: On Autumn Harvest ah003: Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: For Friendship and for Harmony. Live from the Fife Traditional Singing Festival May 2005.

Written by retired police officer Norman Burns of Elgin. Local bothy song enthusiasts Raymond Wood and Millie Herd produced the tune.

1: I never thocht I'd see the day that Hillie's Jock wis mairrit,
For the only love he seemed tae hae wis poachin wi a ferret;
But ye'll never ken when rabbitin will lose a loon's attention,
And he starts tae tak an interest in - the things ye mauna mention.

2: His dounfa was a barn dance at the Mains o Cairntradlin,
There wis dancin tae the fiddles, aye, and sometimes there was cuddlin,
And Hillie's Jock got aa het-up in the middle o a reel,
And forgot his mither's biddin that she'd ofttimes telt him weel.

3: So boldly he stepped ower the flair and askit Jeannie Riddell,
If she wad tak a step or twa and he grabbed her roond the middle;
Sometimes he trampit on her taes as the end-rigs they were turnin,
But Jeannie never said a word - she wasnae yin for girnin.

4: Up till the time Jock asked her she'd been dancin wi the miller,
But she thocht, wi aa the poachin, mebbe Jock micht jist hae siller;
And so she tholed her burnin taes and saw the dance richt through,
If yer horsie costs ye naethin, dinna look it in the moo.

5: Afore the nicht wis feenished she dance twice again wi Jock,
And asked some searching questions on his acreage and his stock,
His mither wis a widow and the ferm wis Jock's by name,
So Jeannie never jibbit when he asked tae see her hame.

6: Noo aa ye weel faured country chiels there's nae need tae tell ye mair,
Ye'll ken aa aboot the coortin o a lassie gin ye dare;
But if ye're keen on ferretin ye're advised tae bide your time,
Mistress Jeannie's up at Hillie's and there's hippins on the line.
Mistress Jeannie's up at Hillie's and there's hippins on the line.

tholed - tolerated
weel faured - good looking
hippins - nappies

c p 2006 Autumn Harvest