Jimmy Raeburn

On Autumn Harvest AH 005
Gordon Easton - The Last of the Clydesdales

Gordon Easton sings:

The hero of this well known transportation ballad is reputed to have been a baker in Glasgow sentenced for petty theft - a song that Gordon remembers from his grandmother and also from the singing of Jessie Murray from Portsoy.

1: My name is Jimmy Raeburn fae Glesga toun I came,
My place o habitation I had tae leave in shame;
Fae ma place o habitation noo I maun gyang awa,
And leave the bonnie hills an dales o Caledonia.

2: It wis early in the mornin, afore the dawn o day,
Our keeper he come roon to us and unto us did say;
Arise ye hapless convicts, arise ye een and aa,
This is the day that ye maun stray fae Caledonia

3: We mounted the coach and oor herts were full o grief,
Our parents, wives and sweethearts could grant us no relief;
Our parents, wives and sweethairts, their hairts were broke in twa,
Tae see us leave the hills and dales o Caledonia.

4: Fair weel my aged mother, I'm grieved for what I've done
I hope there's none cast up to you the race that I hae run;
The Lord he will protect you fen I am far awa,
Far frae fae aa the hills and dales o Caledonia.

5: Fair weel my honest father, you are the best o men,
Likewise my ane true sweetheart, it's Catherine is her name;
Nae mair we'll walk by Clyde's clear streams or by the broomie law,
Nor see again the hills and dales o Caledonia.

6: If we nivver met on earth again, we'll meet in heaven above,
Where hallelujahs will be sung tae him whar reigns in love;
Nae earthly judge shall judge us then but he who ruleth all,
Far, far frae all the hills and dells o Caledonia.
Far frae the bonny hills and dells o Caledonia.

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