My Ain Native Buchan

On Autumn Harvest AH 005
Gordon Easton - The Last of the Clydesdales

Gordon Easton sings:

Composed as a poem by Alec Elphinstone and set to a tune Bonnie Strathyre by Gordon.

1: Noo there’s meadows by Donside and mountains by Dee,
And there’s lots o grand sichts in the city tae see;
But there’s nae ither place that tae me can compare,
Wi ma ain native Buchan sae fresh and sae fair.
For its oft in my memory I see eence again,
The aul thackit hoosie, the wee but and ben
For as bairnies we played in the howe by the burn,
And it's there in my fancy I often return.

2: So jist come, you and me, and we'll wanner aroon
Awa fae the din an the stour o the toun;
And we'll see eence again the aul place jist the same,
The place far we bade and aye think o as hame.
Be it Mintlie or Methlick, New Leeds or Aulfatt,
The Bale or the Ythan, Newdeer, Auchnagatt,
Fae the moss o New Byth tae the haughs at Langside,
Man, there's nae place like hame and yer ain fireside.

3: Fen caul winter is gane noo an spring's in the air,
And ye lang tae gang back oot tae Buchan eence mair;
Fen nature spreads oot her new mantle o green,
There's nae better sicht in the land tae be seen.
So some may hae gaithered a fortune abroad,
While some trachle on up the aul steeny road,
Jist let me eence again wanner o'er Mormond Braes,
And I'll rest in contentment the lave o my days,
Aye I'll rest in contentment the lave o my days.

c p 2007 Autumn Harvest AH005