The Bleacher Lassie o Kelvinhaugh

On Autumn Harvest AH 005
Gordon Easton - The Last of the Clydesdales

Gordon Easton sings:

A favourite old song to end the selection.

1: Ae simmer's evening I went a-walking,
Awa doun by the Broomie Law;
It was there I met wi a fair young maiden,
She had cheeks like the rose and her skin like snaw.

2: Says I, "Fair lassie why dae ye wander\]
Aa by yer leen by the Broomie Law?"
"Indeed, kind sir, I will quickly tell ye,
I'm a bleacher lassie frae Kelvinhaugh."

3: "O lassie, lassie if ye'll walk wi me,
I'll dress ye up in fine satins braw."
"Indeed, kind sir, it's the truth I'll tell ye,
I've a lad o ma ain and he's far awa."

4: "For seiven lang years I hae loed a sailor,
For seiven lang years he has been awa;
Anither seiven years I'll wait upon him,
And I'll bleach ma claes here on Kelvinhaugh."

5: "O lassie, lassie ye are hard herted,
I wish yer fair face I never saw;
For its nicht an mornin ma herts been achin,
For the bleacher lassie o Kelvinhaugh."

6: "But lassie, lassie ye dae remember,
On the ships that sailed by the Broomielaw;
And the sailor laddies wha did their courtin,
Wi the bleacher lassies o Kelvinhaugh."

7: "And lassie, lassie ye hae been faithfull,
And thocht on me when I was far awa;
True herts maun surely be rewarded,
An we'll pairt nae mair here on Kelvinhaugh."

8: So noo that pair they hae gotten married,
And they keep an ale hoose atween them twa;
And the sailor laddies they aye come drinkin,
At the bleacher lassie o Kelvinhaugh.

c p 2007 Autumn Harvest AH005