The Overgate

Jimmy Hutchison: On Autumn Harvest ah007: Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: Grand to Be a Working Man. Recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival May 2008.

The old Overgate - a medieval street in the centre of Dundee - was torn down in the 1960s. The song is still very well known in Fife and Dundee to a couple of different tunes and with varied words. Aberdeen also lays claim to the song - but based in the city's Castlegate.

1: Oh as I gaed up the Overgate,
I met a bonnie wee lass,
And she winked tae me wi the tail o her ee,
As I gaed a-roving past.
Ricky doo dum day, doo dum day,
Ricky dicky doo dum day.

2: Well I asked her what her name micht be,
She said, "Jemima Ross."
And I asked her whaur she bid,
She said, "At the fit o the Beefcan Close."

3: Noo as we gaed up the Beefcan Close,
The stairs were fine and dark;
So I slippit ma siller fae ma inside pooch,
And tied it till the tail o my sark.

4: Noo she gied me pies and porter,
And whisky, rum and beer;
Aye, I swear we ate and drunk as much
As wad dae a guid New Year.

5: Then she took me up untae her room.
Tae hae a peaceful night,
But a loud rat-tat come at the door,
At the brakin o daylight.

6: Well it was this big fat bobby,
He got me by the tap o the hair;
And he gied tae me the whirly-jig,
Richt doun tae the fit o the stair.

7: Noo I says, "I've lost my tapcoat,
My watch-chain and my purse."
But she said, "I've lost ma maidenheid,
And that's a damn sight worse."

8: I'm gaun back tae Auchtermuchty,
Contented for tae be;
For the losing o my five pound note,
Tae the lassie in Dundee.

9: So come aa ye plooboy laddies,
That gang oot for a lark,
Just tak your siller fae your inside pooch,
An tie it till the tail o your sark.
Ricky doo dum day, doo dum day,
Ricky dicky doo dum day.
Ricky doo dum day, doo dum day,
Ricky dicky doo dum day.

c p 2009 Autumn Harvest :