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Drive Sorrows Away


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Bob Lewis grew up in Heyshott in West Sussex, an area that is renowned as an area where English traditional song and music still thrives as a living tradition. In May 2009 Bob was a guest at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival where he sang a great selection of songs. Here are twenty of his songs that were recorded during the weekend - many with singers in the audience joining him on choruses. Songs include the title song Drive Sorrows Away, a lyrical Spread the Green Branches and a southern English hunting song The Echoing Horn.

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Bob Lewis: Drive Sorrows Away

Bob Lewis: Drive Sorrows Away
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Bob’s interest in old songs started at local pub sing-songs and it was only when he came into contact with the folk clubs of the early 1960s that he started to think of the songs he knew as folk songs. He then found his mother knew a lot of old folk songs and, his appetite whetted, he began to gather songs wherever he travelled. His work as an agricultural engineer took him to farm sales up and down the country and many an evening would end up with a few pints and a bit of a sing-song.
Track List:
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1: Drive Sorrows Away : 2.59
2: A Sweet Country Life : 4.35
3: The Lads that Follow the Plough : 3.59
4: The Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington : 4.29
5: The Young and Single Sailor : 5.43
6: The Noble Lord : 4.32
7: Jim the Carter Lad : 3.15
8: The Horn Fair Song : 2.08
9: Farmer Giles : 4.15
10: Robin Hood and the Tanner : 3.56
11: The Golden Glove : 4.02
12: The Echoing Horn : 5.10
13: The Bold Fisherman : 3.47
14: Carol for the Twelfth Day : 4.09
15: Spanish Ladies : 3.51
16: Spread the Green Branches : 3.39
17: Lost Lady Found : 4.08
18: The Rusty Highwayman : 3.21
19: The Drowned Lovers : 3.53
20: You've Got to Hit the Bullseye : 3.00

Credits: Recorded by Tom Spiers at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival in May 2009. Design & transcriptions by Peter Shepheard. All songs traditional arranged by the singer except where noted.

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