Old Songs & Bothy Ballads 7

Hurrah Boys Hurrah!

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Many of the finest traditional singers in the country gather in May each year for the Fife Traditional Singing Festival – a weekend of concerts and workshops held near Collessie in the rural heart the ancient kingdom of Fife. Songs include The Banks of Sacramento, a sea shanty of the American Gold Rush era, a Tyneside song Cappy the Dog and a north east classic MacPherson’s Fareweel.

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Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: Hurrah Boys Hurrah!

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Recorded in May 2010, the CD opens with Jeff Warner from New Hampshire - a singer with an extensive repertoire of old songs from the New England states, Phyllis Martin from Dalbeattie with songs learned from local Galloway tradition, Geordie Murison from Stonehaven and the noted traditional singer Sheila Stewart from Blairgowrie. Singers from south of the border include Jill Pidd from Yorkshire, the distinctive voice and repertoire of Terry Conway from Allandale and a duet from Chris Coe and Annie Dearman. Scotland’s bothy ballad tradition is represented by Joe Aitken from Kirriemuir. Jimmy Hutchison, originally from Skye and now living in Newburgh and Pete Shepheard from nearby Balmalcolm both include classics from the Scots ballad repertoire and the CD closes with the great MacPherson’s Farewell from Aberdeen singer Danny Couper from Aberdeen.

Track List:
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1: The Banks of Sacramento : Jeff Warner
2: The Nutting Girl : Phyllis Martin
3: Foreman at Drum : Geordie Murison
4: The Twa Brothers : Sheila Stewart
5: Cappy the Dog : Terry Conway
6: The Loss of the Royal George : Chris Coe & Annie Dearman
7: Lord Lovel : Jimmy Hutchison
8: The Girl I Left Behind Me : Jill Pidd
9: Barnyards o Delgaty : Joe Aitken
10: Hurrah Boys Hurrah : Jeff Warner
11: Bobby Blue : Phyllis Martin
12: The Bleached Mutch : Geordie Murison
13: Johnnie o Graidie ; Peter Shepheard
14: Betsy Bell : Sheila Stewart
15: Dolli Ah : Terry Conway
16: The Deadly Wars : Jimmy Hutchison
17: Bonnie Laddie Ye Gang By Me : Jill Pidd
18: MacPherson’s Fareweel : Danny Couper & Carol Anderson

Credits: Tanks to all the singers who have given free use of their recordings towards the funds of the East of Scotland Traditional Song Group organisers of the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend.

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