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The Springthyme Archive is a collection of recordings of folk songs and traditional music made between the early and mid 1960s to the present day. Many of these are field recordings of folksongs and traditional music made in Ireland, Scotland, England and some in Canada by folk enthusiast and collector Peter Shepheard. Some of the recordings from the early 1960s were made using a small 2" reel to reel Phillips machine, later recordings from the mid 1960s were made on a 5" Uher tape machine. In the 1970s recordings were made on more professional equipment - a Revox A77, a Sony PCMF1 and later on DAT. Recordings made by other individuals have been added to the Archive over the years - recordings made at festivals, sessions and folk clubs.

Recordings made at the Kinross Festival in 1974 with a professional mobile set-up led to the release of a 12" LP album of highlights from the festival including artistes Aly Bain, Tom Anderson, Peerie Willie Johnstone, Stanley Robertson, Angus Grant, Willie Fraser, Jane and Cameron Turriff and the Clutha. The Springthyme Records label was set up as a vehicle to launch the album as SPR1001 Songs and Music from the Kinross Festival. Over the years Springthyme Records has recorded and released numerous albums - on LP, cassette and CD and the master recordings (including several unissued masters) are considered as part of the Springthyme Archive. These releases are to found on the main Springthyme Records site.

In recent years, a number of recordings from the Springthyme Archive have been made available for release on other specialist labels - in particular by Musical Traditions Records based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. These include recordings from romany gypsy singers in and around Gloucester made in the 1960s and 1970s - in particular from the Brazil Family and the Smith Family. Musical Traditions Records have also issued recordings from Scotland's northeast include a compilation of archive recordings of songs from Daisy Chapman - recorded by Peter Shepheard, Peter Hall and by Rod Stradling of Musical Traditions. We are also listing a superb collection of songs from the great northeast ballad singer Lizzie Higgins - with many recordings from the Peter Hall archive.

The Brazil Family: Down by the Old Riverside

album coverThe Brazil Family
Down by the Old Riverside

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CD and Booklet £20.00
Three CD set: MTCD 345-7
UK Only

In his review, Keith Chandler writes: This really is the most important commercial release showcasing the English tradition to have appeared in many a long day. I cannot stress it enough : absolutely essential.

Triple CD with 48 page integral booklet in DVD case: 3 CDs, 89 tracks, 195 mins.
£20.00. Post Free in the UK.

This is Musical Traditions first 3-CD set. A selection of songs, ballads and tunes from the Brazil Family of Gloucester. A unique compilation of the repertoire of a single English Gypsy family, from the collections of Peter Shepheard, Gwilym Davies, Mike Yates, Hamish Henderson and Peter Kennedy. Featuring 12 members of the Brazil Family: Danny Brazil, Harry Brazil, Lemmie Brazil, Hyram Brazil, Tom Brazil, Weenie Brazil, Alice Webb and her son, Angela Brazil, Doris Davies, Joan Taylor, Debbie and Pennie Davies.

Daisy Chapman: Ythanside

album coverDaisy Chapman

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CD and Booklet £16.00
UK Only

In their review, Alison McMorland and Geordie MacIntyre write: A fitting memorial to a fine singer as well as a celebration of good songs and the enduring spirit which keeps them alive. We commend it unreservedly.

Ian Olson in his review in English Dance and Song (Autumn 2001): Rod Stradling and Pete Shepheard have produced a booklet for Daisy which . . . sets the gold strandard for background, history, repertoire etc . . . almost worth buying for the booklet alone.

CD with 32 page integral booklet in DVD case. 23 tracks, 68 minutes
£12.50. Post Free in the UK.

The great but rarely-heard Buchan, Aberdeenshire, singer with all the 19 songs she is known to have recorded from 1965 to 1970. The nineteen tracks on this album have been trawled from the archive collections of a number of collectors and singers: Peter Hall, Hamish Henderson, Arthur Argo, Peter Shepheard, Rod and Danny Stradling, Peter Cooke and finally, from a family video. These taped 'field recordings' have been digitally remastered and are of exceptionally good technical quality.

Wiggy Smith: Band of Gold

album coverWiggy Smith and other Smith Family members
Band of Gold

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CD and Booklet £14.00
MCD and Booklet: TCD 307
UK Only

In his review Tom Walsh writes: This is for the lover of song, sung in authentic style, no frills, no instrumental accompaniment, no artifice - just genuine. It's the best compilation of its kind I have ever heard. I can return to it again and again and hear new delights. It's that link with the past that gets me. The old tradition is faithfully reproduced, and now preserved forever : One of the most significant contributions to recorded traditional song of the last fifty years.

CD with 28 page integral booklet in DVD case. 33 tracks, 74 mins.
£12.50. Post Free in the UK.

The CD contains all the 33 songs that Wiggy Smith, Denny Smith and Biggun Smith recorded for Peter Shepheard, Mike Yates, Gwilym Davies and Paul Burgess between 1966 and 1999.

In Memory of: Lizzie Higgins

album coverIn Memory of
Lizzie Higgins

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CD and Booklet £18.00
Two CD set and booklet: TCD 337/8
UK Only

In his review Alasdair Maclean (The Scots Magazine) writes: The quality shines through throughout this collection, from the tracks of muckle sangs, or songs verging on the muckle, to merry little ditties almost like interludes. A fitting celebration of a gifted traditional singer ... a collection of gems.

Double CD with 36 page integral booklet in DVD case: 2CDs, 34 tracks, 155 mins.
£16.00 plus postage.

A memorial album of this great Aberdeenshire singer - daughter of the world renowned ballad singer Jeannie Robertson, containing 34 recordings of the best of her songs not currently available on CD, many of which have never before been published. The 36-page booklet contains a brief biography and an appraisal of Lizzie's singing style by Dr Ian Olson, full song notes and transcriptions - and lots of photos.