Bertrand Harris Bronson:
The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads

This essential reference work on the ballads went out of print soon after publication of the last volume in 1972 and second hand copies of the four volumes have been fetching well over £1000. Bronson's important work has now been made available again in a digitally printed edition from Loomis House Press in conjuction with Camsco Music (who distribute Springthyme Records in the USA) and with the permission of the original publishers Princeton University Press. To reduce postage costs on these heavy volumes the new edition is being printed in the UK as well as the USA.

All Four Volumes POST FREE to UK, Ireland, USA & Canada.
Paperback £109.00
Hardback £135.00
All Four Volumes: EU & Worldwide (postage £60 will be added).
Paperback £109.00
Hardback £135.00
The Special Offer CD:
Anyone purchasing the full set of four volumes of the new edition of Bronson from the Springthyme website will be offered a FREE CD containing the complete 2,200 pages of tunes and texts and notation for 4,120 tunes - in a fully searchable pdf file. Camsco Music plan to release the digital CD version for commercial sale at a later date but have, meantime, given permission for this limited free distribition. Each ballad can be individually accessed from the index and the additional ballad variants included in the addenda to volume four are easily accessed along with the numbered ballads to which the variants belong.

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