Francis James Child:
The English and Scottish Popular Ballads

loomis pressIn recent years the folk song revival has led to a reawakening of interest by singers in aquiring an active ballad repertoire. Now at last Francis James Child's great compilation of the ballads The English and Scottish Popular Ballads is fully republished. This is no mere facsimile - the work has been completely reset, corrected and prepared by Mark and Laura Heiman and the five volumes are now in print and available. Many of these ancient, popular/ traditional ballads are still part of a living cultural tradition - especially here in Scotland at the heart of Child's ballad country. Who in Scotland does NOT know snippets at least of such ballads as Barbara Allen (Child #84), The Dowie Dens o Yarrow (Child #214), Mary Hamilton (Child #173), Sir Patrick Spens (Child #58), The Jolly Beggar (Child #279) or Mill o Tifty's Annie (Child #233)?

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For anyone interested in the ballads as song or as literature or as an insight into culture and history the only starting point is Professor Francis James Child's The English and Scottish Popular Ballads first published between 1882 and 1898.

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