My Wee Dog

On Springthyme SPRCD 1002
John Watt & Davey Stewart - Shores of the Forth

A nonsense song by John. ‘East Fife’ and ‘Dunfermline Athletic’ have for many years been great rivals on the football field.

I’ve got a dog, a nice wee dog
Oh he barks all day in the field and plays
My dog’s called Phineas Fogg
Oh he went roond the world in thirty days
Hath September, April, May
And Auntie Meg for stealin coal
Black are the bings, full o creepy crawly things
Some are black and some are blue
East Fife one Dunferrnline two
Bad you were’nt here when the pub gave out free beer
These are a few o ma favourite things
Ships and shoes and queens and kings
Oh my!

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