Bobby Muldoon

On Springthyme SPRCD 1002
John Watt & Davey Stewart - Shores of the Forth

A song written by John built round a legendary character from Dunfermline – the name has been changed to avoid a libel suit. He will recognise himself, if he is ever unfortunate enough to hear the song. East End Park is the home of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club and The Auld Grey Toon is of course Dunfermline.

1: Noo me and ma pal Bobby Muldoon,
Oh we hivnae got nae jobs;
Oh we hing aboot the Cross in the Auld Grey Toon,
A-pickin up the tanners and bobs.
A wee bit lead, a tip on the dugs,
In sunshine or in snaw;
Flet on the grund’s whaur ye’ll find wur lugs,
For we’re aye on the ba.

2: Noo if ye go tae a game at East End Park,
And ye drive aff in yer car;
Ye’ll find Bobby and me has been at wark,
Wi’oot wheels ye’ll no gang far.
For the battery’s doon at his Aunty Jean’s,
The mirror at his Uncle Wull’s;
Oh Bobby and me live wi’in oor means,
Oh we’re naebodie’s fulls.

3: Noo Bobby and me hae oor quiet spells,
Gien pleasure tae the Queen;
But we dinnae sit greetin in oor cells,
A-thinkin o whit micht hae been.
Preparations we’ve made for commercial trade,
Wur pockets is stuffed wi snout;
At runnin a book, oh the screws we jook,
Preparin for the day we’re out.

4: Noo at Christmas time when the berries winnae grow,
That’s when we mak wur breid;
Bobby’s genuine imitations at a dollar a throw,
Are gobbled up wi ragtime speed.
Oh if ye want cheap drink, copper or zinc,
We’re the boys tae see;
Beware o imitation, we’re the finest combination,
Oh that’s Bobby and me.

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