The New Toon Hall/ There Cam a Young Man
The Goby O/ Rosin the Beau

On Springthyme SPRCD 1002
John Watt & Davey Stewart - Shores of the Forth

Four more tunes from the band - in jig time. The first, The New Toon Hall, is by band fiddler Jock Ritchie composed in celebration of the new town hall in Inverkeithing. The remaining tunes traditional Scottish and Irish favourites of Jock's - There Cam a Young Man is in volume 1 of Kerr Merry Melodies and is also known under the title of The Big Headed Man (Fear a’ Chinn Mhòir). The second, The Goby O, is known in various forms in both Scotland and Ireland and the third, Rosin the Beau, is of course well known as an Irish traditional song.

The Beggar's Mantle Ceilidh Band:
Jock Ritchie from Inverkeithing on fiddle, Jock Mullen from Kelty on accordion, Robin McKidd from Glenrothes on guitar and bass and Brian Miller from Penicuik on guitar and mandolin.

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