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Daisy Chapman: Ythanside

album coverDaisy Chapman

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Daisy Chapman was born into a farming community in rural Aberdeenshire, the Buchan area - an area rich in folksong (that) has produced many fine source singers - Daisy Chapman is no exception.

Songs from the archives of several collectors and singers: recordings made by Peter Hall at her home in King Street, Aberdeen in 1965 or George Street in 1966, by Peter Shepheard at the Aberdeen Folk Festival in October 1967, by Rod Stradling at the Blairgowrie Festival in 1969 and 1970 and the King's Head folk club, Islington April 1970, by Hamish Henderson and Arthur Argo at the Angus Hotel and the Town Hall, Blairgowrie Festival, 1968 and by Peter Cooke at the Town Hall, Blairgowrie Festival, 1970.

1. The Jolly Ploughboy
2. I Once had a Boy
3. The Bleacher Lass
4. Aikey Brae
5. The Poor and Single Sailor
6. The Banks of Allan Water
7. The Faithful Sailor Boy
8. False Henry
9. The Buchan Bobby
10. Green Grows the Laurel
11. Jimmy Raeburn
12. Go and Leave Me
13. Down in the Valley
14. You Gave Me Your True Love
15. My Grannie's Old Armchair
16. Bailiff's Daughter of Islington
17. Kissing in the Dark
18. Donside
19. The Dying Plooman