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In Memory of Lizzie Higgins

Album coverIn Memory of
Lizzie Higgins

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Two CD set and booklet: TCD 337/8
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In his review, Vic Smith (fROOTS) writes: A rare technical skill combined with an intense emotional involvement ... a stunning use of finely judged ornamentations and triplets ... qualities that make her so outstanding, even among the close-knit families of Aberdeenshire Travellers that have produced so many remarkable traditional singers.

Alasdair Maclean in The Scots Magazine writes: The quality shines through throughout this collection, from the tracks of muckle sangs, or songs verging on the muckle, to merry little ditties almost like interludes. A fitting celebration of a gifted traditional singer ... a collection of gems both rough and polished ... a big part of the nation's heritage.

CD One:
1: Three Gypsies
2: Johnny My Man
3: Bonny Udny
4: The Banks of Red Roses
5: Proud Lady Margaret
6: Tammie Toddle
7: The Beggarman
8: Adieu to Bogieside
9: The College Boy (Young Craigston)
10: Sandy is a Sailor
11: Twa Brithers
12: The Dottered Auld Carle
13: The Deein Plooboy (The Term)
14: The Maid of Glenshee
15: The Forester
16: She's Only My Old Shoes (The False Bride)
CD Two:
1: Alison Gross
2: Auld Roguie Grey
3: The Lassie Gatherin Nuts
4: Lord Lovat
5: Macaphee Turn the Cattle
6: MacCrimmon's Lament
7: The Cruel Mother
8: Soo Sewin Silk
9: What a Voice (I Wish, I Wish)
10: The Muir o Culloden
11: Up and Awa wi the Laverock
12: The Butcher Boy
13: London Lights
14: Son David
15: Betsy Bell
16: MacDonald of Glencoe
17: Johnny Sangster
18: Young Emslie