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The Brazil Family: Down by the Old Riverside

Inverclyde Music FestivalThe Brazil Family
Down by the Old Riverside

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In his review (#1 above), Keith Chandler writes: This really is the most important commercial release showcasing the English tradition to have appeared in many a long day. I cannot stress it enough : absolutely essential.

The Brazil Family repertoire is the subject of an interesting study in oral tradition by Thomas Pettitt and published in Oral Tradition, 23/1 (2008): 87-117.

Triple CD with 48 page integral booklet in DVD case: 3 CDs, 89 tracks, 195 mins.
£20.00 plus postage

This is Musical Traditions first 3-CD set. A selection of songs, ballads and tunes from the Brazil Family of Gloucester. A unique compilation of the repertoire of a single English Gypsy family, from the collections of Peter Shepheard, Gwilym Davies, Mike Yates, Hamish Henderson and Peter Kennedy.

Featuring: Danny Brazil, Harry Brazil, Lemmie Brazil, Hyram Brazil, Tom Brazil, Weenie Brazil, Alice Webb and her son, Angela Brazil, Doris Davies, Joan Taylor, Debbie and Pennie Davies.

Lemmie: God Killed the Devil O / Wassail Song

Lemmie Brazil: God Killed the Devil O
Wassail Song
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God Killed the Devil O
Click for God Killed the Devil O printed music file.

The Brazil Song Repertoire - Links to the Song Texts
3 August 2007: The links below are to the full texts of songs collected from the Brazil Family many of which are included on the Musical Traditions The Brazil Family: Down by the Old Riverside. More notes and song links are being added to this page - please check back. The numbers in brackets refer to an index of all known versions of folksongs and ballads. Further information on this can be accessed online at The Roud Index held in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House.

All Fours (Roud 232)
An Old Man Come Courting Me (Roud 210)
Are we to part like this, Bill
Ball of Yarn, The (Roud 1404)
Banks of Sweet Dundee, The (Roud 148; Laws M25)
Banks of the Lea, The (Roud 987; Laws O15)
Barbary Allen (Roud 54; Child 84)
Barley Straw, The (Roud XXX; Child XXX)
Betsy the Milkmaid (Roud 559; Laws O10)
Bitter Willow, The (Alice Webb) (Roud 452)
Bitter Willow, The (Lemmie Brazil) (Roud 452)
Blackberry Fold (Roud 559; Laws O10)
A Blacksmith Courted Me (Roud 816)
A Bold Fisherman Courted Me (Roud 60; Laws P25)
A Bold Fishing Man (Roud 291; Laws O24)
Bold Keeper (Roud 321; Laws M27)
Bonny Black Hare, The (Roud 1656)
Bonnie Boy is Young, The (Roud 31; Laws O35)
Box on her Head (Roud 289; Laws L3)
Brake of Briars, The (Roud 18; Laws M32)
Brandon on the Moor (Roud 476; Laws L17)
Bruton Town (Roud 18; Laws M32)
Catch Me Bold Rogue if you Can (Roud 2638, Laws L2)
Cherry Tree Carol (Roud 453; Child 54)
Come All You Lucky Gentlemen
Crabfish, The (Roud 149)
Croppy Boy, The (Roud 1030; Laws J14)
Croppy Tailor, The (Roud 311)
Cruel Mother, The (Roud 9; Child 20)
Cruel Ship Carpenter, The (Roud 15; Laws P36)
Cuckoo, The (Roud 413)
Dark Eyed Gypsies, The (Roud 1; Child 200)
Dear Old Erin's Shore (Roud 3068)
Derby Ram, The (Roud 126)
Died For Love (Roud 60; Laws P25)
Down by the Dark Arches (Roud 2; Laws Q28/B1)
Down in the Coalmines (Roud 21550)
Drummer Girl, The (Roud 226)
Drunk Last Night
Edward (Roud 200; Child 13)
False Bride, The (Roud 154)
Flower Show, The (Roud 5213)
Folkestone Murder, The (Roud 897)
Freddie Archer
Game of All Fours, The (Roud 232)√
Glass of Wine, The (Roud 218; Laws P30)
Golden Glove, The (Roud 141; Laws N20)
Green Bushes, The (Roud 1040; Laws P2)
Green Grow the Laurels (Roud 279)
Gown So Green, The (Roud 1085)
A Gypsy Rai
A Group of Young Squaddies (Roud 1783)
Handsome Cabin Boy, The (Roud 239; Laws N13)
Henry Martin (Roud 104 Child 167/250)
I Met a Maid All in White (Roud 21549)
I'm a Man who've Done Wrong (Roud 1386)
If I were a Blackbird (Roud 387)
I'll take you Home again Kathleen (Roud 12907)
Irish Girl, The (Roud 308)
Irish Sweep, The
I Started My Life as a Cobbler
I Wonder if the Old Folks Think of Me (Roud 21546)
Jack and the Robber (Roud 2637; Laws L1/ Roud 2640 Child 283)
Jew's Garden, The (Roud 73; Child 155)
John Mitchell (Roud 5163)
Kate from Baltimore (Roud 5172)
Keeper and the Lady, The (Roud 321; Laws M27)
Limpy Jack (Thornymore Woods) (Roud 222)
Little Ball of Yarn, The (Roud 1404)
Little Children Learn to Curse and Swear
Little Irish Rose
Little Sir Hugh (Roud 73; Child 155)
Long a-Growing (Roud 31; Laws O35)
Lord Bateman (Roud 40; Child 53)
Love 'em a Little
MaCaffery (Roud 1148)
Man You Don't Meet Every Day (Roud 975)
Maria and Caroline (Roud 897)
Mining Song
Mossy Green Banks of the Lea, The (Roud 897; Laws O15)
My Brother Sylvess
My Father is King of the Gypsies
My Jolly Young Farmer
My Love Willie (Roud 273; Laws K12)
My Schoolmaster's Son (Roud 13267)
Nobody's Child (Roud 10718)
Old Bog Road, The
Once I Courted a Damsel (Roud 405)
Old Man Come Courting Me, An (Roud 210)
Old Riverside, The (Roud 564; Laws P18)
Once a Bold Fisherman courted Me (Roud 60; Laws P25)
Oxford City (Roud 218; Laws P30)
Poison in a Glass of Wine (Roud 218; Laws P30)
Poor Little Joe
Poor Smuggler Boy, The (Roud 618)
Poverty Street
Pretty Ploughing Boy, The (Roud 186)
Robber and the Maid, The (Roud 2638, Laws L2)
Rambling Irishman, The (Roud 360)
Resting on the Stile, Mary
Rock all our Babies to Sleep (Roud 4378)
Rolling in the Dew (Roud 298)
Romany Rye
Sailor's Life, A (Roud 273; Laws K12)
Salisbury Ram, The (Roud 126)
Sally Munro (Roud 526; Laws K11)
Shake Hands and be Brothers again (Roud 21545)
Shot like a Bird on the Tree (Roud 916)
Sing me a song of Ireland
Soldier Cut Down (Roud 2; Laws Q28/B1)
Side by Side (parody)
Son Come Tell it unto Me (Roud 200; Child 13)
Song of the Thrush, The
Squire and the Milkmaid, The (Roud 559; Laws O10)
Thornymore Woods (Roud 222)
Three Brothers in Fair Warwickshire (Roud 3207)
'Tis My Delight (Roud 299)
Underneath her Apron (Roud 899)
Wassail Song
Watercrease Girl, The (Roud 1541)
We Are Three Charming Black Boys (Roud 21547)
We Saw Two Ship
Yorkshire Bite (Roud 2637; Laws L1/ Roud 2640 Child 283)
Young Man Cut Down, The (Roud 2; Laws Q28/B1)