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The Fife Traditional Singing Festival brings traditional singers together in an informal setting to give song enthusiasts a chance to meet and hear some of the finest exponents of the art. The event was started in 2003 and this album includes 20 songs from 16 singers recorded live at the May 2003 and May 2004 events. The album opens with a superb rendition of the famous north east song The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie sung by Gordon Easton.

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The album opens with a superb rendition of the famous north east song The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie sung by Gordon Easton and joined by a room full of singers raising the roof in chorus. Some of the ancient ballads are sung: Sir Patrick Spens by Duncan Williamson and The Bonnie Hoose o Airlie by Stanley Robertson. Other guests and singers on the album include Sheila Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, from Ireland, Roisin White, local bothy ballad singer Ron Bissett, Alison McMorland and Kirsty Potts, Geordie Murison and Jim Taylor, Shepheard, Spiers & Watson, Maggie Macrae, Norman Stewart and Tom McKean.

Track List:
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1: The Bonnie Lass o Fyvie : Gordon Easton
2: For Greenland We Are Bound : Jock Duncan
3: Down the Moor : Roisin White
4: Ye Canna Pit It on tae Sandy : Ron Bissett
5: Sir Patrick Spens : Duncan Williamson
6: Maids When You’re Young : Sheila Stewart
7: The Bonnie Hoose o Airlie : Stanley Robertson
8: The Lover’s Ghost : Alison McMorland & Kirsty Potts
9: The Muckin o Geordie’s Byre : Geordie Murison
10: The Plooman Laddies : Elizabeth Stewart & Alison McMorland
11: Bonnie Bessie Logan : Gordon Easton
12: Jock Hawk’s Adventures : Arthur Watson with Pete Shepheard & Tom Spiers
13: The Moorlough Shore : Roisin White
14: Muckle Friday Fair : Jim Taylor
15: Sae Will We Yet : Jock Duncan
16: Dae Ye Mind on Lang Lang Syne : Maggie Macrae
17: The Bonnie Hind : Norman Stewart
18: Twa Recruiting Sergeants : Geordie Murison
19: The Jolly Beggar : Elizabeth Stewart & Tom McKean
20: The Parting Glass : Sheila Stewart

Credits: Thanks to all the singers who have given free use of their recordings towards the funds of the East of Scotland Traditional Song Group organisers of the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend.

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