Old Songs & Bothy Ballads 5

Grand To Be a Working Man


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Many of the finest traditional singers in the country gather in May each year for the Fife Traditional Singing Festival - a weekend of concerts and workshops held near Collessie in the rural heart the ancient kingdom of Fife. Songs include the widely known ballad The Gypsy Laddies, the epic Borders hunting song The Keilder Hunt and a comic song of the Dundee music-hall In The Shade of The Lamp.

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Singers on this CD recorded in May 2009 are are Brian Watson from Prudhoe in Northumberland, renowned for his rich repertoire of Geordie, Tyneside and Northumbrian song; Sara Grey originally from the USA and now living in Perth with her extensive repertoire of ballads and songs - some accompanied on 5-string banjo; Shona Donaldson a fine young singer from Huntly; Ellen Mitchell from Glasgow; Jimmy Hutchison from Newburgh and Alex Clarke with his light hearted songs and rich tales of Dundee. Also a welcome return visit by Jock Duncan of Pitlochry; a fine ballad version from Yorkshire based Chris Coe; a song from Tom Spiers - self-accompanied on fiddle and a ballad from Rod Stradling of Stroud.

Track List:
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1: In The Shade of The Lamp : Alex Clarke 2.11
2: Pretty Saro : Sara Grey 3.25
3: Grand To Be a Working Man : Brian Watson 3.32
4: I Once Loved a Boy : Ellen Mitchell 3.12
5: Often Drunk : Jimmy Hutchison 5.59
6: Low Down in The Broom : Shona Donaldson 2.13
7: Pirn-Taed Jockie : Jock Duncan 3.48
8: Redesdale and Wise William : Chris Coe 4.15
9: John Riley's Always Dry : Alex Clarke 2.02
10: The Merry Willow Tree : Sara Grey 4.55
11: Bonnie Wee Lassie : Tom Spiers 2.24
12: The Rue and The Thyme : Ellen Mitchell 4.41
13: The Keilder Hunt : Brian Watson 5.11
14: The Gypsy Laddies : Shona Donaldson 4.00
15: The Banks of Green Willow : Rod Stradling 6.41
16: Young Hunting : Sara Grey 3.09
17: Fair Drumallachie : Jock Duncan 3.34
18: The Overgate : Jimmy Hutchison 2.58

Credits: Thanks to all the singers who have given free use of their recordings towards the funds of the East of Scotland Traditional Song Group - organisers of the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend.

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