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The Brazil Family: Down by the Old Riverside

album coverThe Brazil Family
Down by the Old Riverside

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Three CD set: MTCD 345-7
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In his review, Keith Chandler writes: This really is the most important commercial release showcasing the English tradition to have appeared in many a long day. I cannot stress it enough : absolutely essential.

Triple CD with 48 page integral booklet in DVD case: 3 CDs, 89 tracks, 195 mins.

Lemmie: God Killed the Devil O / Wassail Song

Lemmie Brazil: God Killed the Devil O
Wassail Song
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This is a 3-CD set with over 100 songs, ballads and tunes from the Brazil Family of Gloucester. A unique compilation of the repertoire of a single English Gypsy family, from the collections of Peter Shepheard, Gwilym Davies, Mike Yates, Hamish Henderson and Peter Kennedy. Featuring 12 members of the Brazil Family: Danny Brazil, Harry Brazil, Lemmie Brazil, Hyram Brazil, Tom Brazil, Weenie Brazil, Alice Webb and her son, Angela Brazil, Doris Davies, Joan Taylor, Debbie and Pennie Davies.

Songs include: The Old Riverside, Limpy Jack, Game of All Fours, Sally Monroe, Young Man Cut Down, Bold Fishing Man, Son Come Tell it Unto Me, The Crabfish, Green Grow the Laurels, Bonnie Black Hare, Barbary Allen, Jack and the Robber, If I Were a Blackbird, The Golden Glove, The Watercrease Girl, The Croppy Tailor, The Bitter Willow, Cruel Ship Carpenter, McCaffery, The Pretty Ploughing Boy, My Love Willie, Bold Keeper, Three Brothers from Fair Warwickshire, The Folkestone Murder, Mossy Green Banks of the Lea, Underneath Her Apron, Long A-Growing, The Gown So Green, Green Bushes, Brandon on the Moor, A Blacksmith Courted Me, Died For Love, A Bold Fisherman Courted Me, The Banks of Sweet Dundee, An Old Man Come Courting Me, The Salisbury Ram, Rolling in the Dew, Little Sir Hugh, The False Bride, Poison in a Glass of Wine, Shot Like a Bird on a Tree, The Little Ball of Yarn, Henry Martin, The Irish Girl, Lord Bakeman.