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Many of the finest traditional singers in the country gather in May each year for the Fife Traditional Singing Festival - a weekend of concerts and workshops held near Collessie in the rural heart the ancient kingdom of Fife. Songs include the humourous ballad The Wee Toun Clerk, the ancient Twa Brothers and the light hearted It's Aa Yin Tae Me.

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Singers on this CD recorded in May 2007 are Gordeanna McCulloch from Glasgow who was first inspired to sing the ballads after hearing Jeannie Robertson in the 1960s; Gordon Easton, singer, fiddle player and raconteur from Tyrie in Aberdeenshire; Elizabeth Stewart from Mintlaw, many of whose songs came to her from her family the Fetterangus Stewarts; the world renowned singer and storyteller Duncan Williamson of Ladybank (who sadly passed away in November 2007) and Ron Bissett of Falkland, well-known in Fife for his repertoire of bothy ballads.

Many other singers took part in the weekend events and the CD captures some of these performances: retired farmer Hector Riddell from Banchory, butcher Alex Clarke from Dundee, Jock Duncan the great ballad singer from Pitlochry, Vic Gammon, folklorist, singer and Senior Lecturer in Folk and Traditional Music at the University of Newcastle, Chris Miles and Aileen Carr both members of Palaver, the Fife based song group, Peter Shepheard singer, folk song collector and an organiser of the weekend, Steve Black a doctor from Arnforth in Lancashire and Pete Coe folk singer and folk song enthusiast from Ripponden in Yorkshire.

Track List:
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1: The Wee Toun Clerk : Gordeanna McCulloch
2: Beside Her Faither's Cottage : Alex Clarke
3: Fee'd Tae The Drum : Gordon Easton
4: The Gallant Forty Twa : Elizabeth Stewart
5: I Must Away : Duncan Williamson
6: The Moss o Burreldale : Hector Riddell
7: I'm a Peer Rovin Lassie : Gordeanna McCulloch
8: The Bureau : Alex Clarke
9: The Muckin o Geordie's Byre : Gordon Easton
10: The Twa Brothers : Elizabeth Stewart
11: Bogie's Bonnie Belle : Hector Riddell
12: The Farmyard Gate : Jock Duncan
13: The Winter It Is Past : Vic Gammon
14: It's Aa Yin Tae Me : Ron Bissett
15: Parting Song : Chris, Aileen & Gordeanna
16: Robin Hood and the Pedlar : Peter Shepheard
17: Nancy's Whisky : Steve Black
18: Catch Me If You Can : Pete Coe

Credits: Thanks to all the singers who have given free use of their recordings towards the funds of the East of Scotland Traditional Song Group organisers of the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend.

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