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The Little Ball of Yarn ah11

Old Songs and Bothy Ballads 8 - The Little Ball of Yarn

Buy CD: £11.99

ah11 - Another great collection of singers: Len Graham from Newry, Emily Portman, a young singer now based in the North East of England, the legendary Brian Dawson from Lincolnshire, John Valentine from Cove Bay near Aberdeen, Elizabeth Stewart from Mintlaw, Jimmy Hutchison, originally from Skye and now living in Newburgh and Pete Shepheard from Fife.

Hurrah Boys Hurrah ah10

Old Songs & Bothy Ballads - Hurrah Boys Hurrah

Buy CD: £11.99

ah10 -Another great collection recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival with songs from Jeff Warner from New Hampshire - a singer with an extensive repertoire of old songs from the New England states, Phyllis Martin from Dalbeattie, Geordie Murison from Stonehaven, Sheila Stewart from Blairgowrie, Jill Pidd from Yorkshire, Terry Conway from Allandale, Joe Aitken from Kirriemuir, Jimmy Hutchison from Newburgh, Pete Shepheard from nearby Balmalcolm and Danny Couper from Aberdeen.

There's Bound To Be A Row ah08

Old Songs & Bothy Ballads 6 - There's Bound To Be A Row

Buy CD: £11.99

ah08 - Recorded in May 2009 at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival: Bob Lewis from Sussex. Singer and fiddle player Jo Miller from Stirling. Local singers Chris Miles from Kirkcaldy and Jimmy Hutchison originally from Skye and now living in Newburgh. The great northeast ballad singer Jock Duncan from Pitlochry. Henry Douglas from Hawick - renowned for his repertoire of border common riding songs and Jim Taylor from Aberdeenshire.

Grand To Be A Working Man ah07

Old Songs & Bothy Ballads 5 - Grand to be a Working Man

Buy CD: £11.99

ah07 - The fifth collection of Old Songs and Bothy Ballads recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival - (May 2008). Singers including Shona Donaldson a fine young singer from Huntly, Ellen Mitchell from Glasgow, Brian Watson from Prudhoe in Northumberland, Sara Grey originally from the USA and now living in Perth, Yorkshire based Chris Coe, Alex Clarke from Dundee and Jock Duncan from Pitlochry.

For Friendship & Harmony ah03

Old Songs & Bothy Ballads - For Friendship and For Harmony

Buy CD: £11.99

ah03 - A second volume of songs from the annual gathering - the Fife Traditional Singing Festival of 2005. Singers include Joe Aitken from Kirriemuir, Norman Kennedy now living in Vermont but originally from Aberdeen, Sheila Stewart from Blairgowrie, Louis Killen from Gateshead, Stanley Robertson from Aberdeen and Elizabeth Stewart from Mintlaw.

Here's a Health to the Company ah02

Old Songs & Bothy Ballads - Here's a Health to the Company

Buy CD: £11.99

ah02 - The first CD collection of songs from the Fife Traditional Singing Festival - recorded during the first and second festivals weekends of 2003 & 2004. Singers include Gordon Easton from Tyrie, Aberdeenshire, Roisin White from Armagh, Duncan Williamson from Ladybank, Sheila Stewart from Blairgowrie, Jock Duncan from Pitlochry, Elizabeth Stewart from Mintlaw, Alison McMorland from Dunblane and Jim Taylor from Skene, Aberdeenshire.

Gordon Easton CD ah05

Gordon Easton - The Last of the Clydesdales

Buy CD: £11.99

ah05 - From the Blackhills of Tyrie near Fraserburgh, Gordon's family had crofted for generations. He learned many of his old songs from his mother and grandmother and, at the age of 84, he recorded this his first CD.

Norman Kennedy ah01

Norman Kennedy - I Never Thocht My Love Wid leave Me

CD: £11.99

ah 001 - Norman Kennedy is one of Scotland's finest traditional singers with a unique repertoire of folk songs and ballads.Born and brought up in Aberdeen, he was a neighbour of the great ballad singer Jeannie Robertson and during the evolving folk scene of the 1960s he picked up many songs from her and from other singers such as the bothy ballad singer Jimmy McBeath and the traveller and street singer Davie Stewart.

Jock Duncan SPRCD 1039

Jock Duncan - Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan!

Buy CD: £11.99

sprcd 1039 - Jock Duncan is one of Scotland's great traditional singers - a magnificent style and a unique repertoire of old songs and bothy ballads of the north east. Joined by a supporting band of musicians and singers.

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Kath Campbell SPRCD 1041

Katherine Campbell - Scots Songs and Ballads

Buy CD: £11.99

sprcd 1041 - Ballads and songs from the unique family repertoire of sisters Amelia and Jane Harris who inherited a wealth of ballads and songs from a Perthshire family tradition dating back to the mid 1700s. Katherine Campbell: vocals; Mairi Campbell: fiddle; Tony McManus: guitar; Peter Shepheard: melodeons; Gary West: small pipes.

Nick Knack On The Waa ah06

Old Songs & Bothy Ballads 4 - Nick Knack on the Waa

Buy CD: £11.99

ah06 - Recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Weekend of 2007. Singers include Gordeanna McCullough from Glasgow, Elizabeth Stewart from Mintlaw, many of whose songs came to her from her traveller family the Fetterangus Stewarts, Gordon Easton singer, fiddle player and raconteur from Tyrie in Aberdeenshire, Alex Clarke from Dundee, Duncan Williamson of Ladybank, Jock Duncan from Pitlochry, Pete Coe and Hector Riddell.

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Books for the Library

We have made available a small selection of books on traditional song and music. Click here for Books for the Library

Tom Hughes Traditional Music of the Scottish Borders

Traditional Fiddle Music of the Scottish Borders
An outstanding collection of traditional fiddle music from the playing of Tom Hughes of Jedburgh.

Book launch at the Scots Fiddle Festival 2015 on 21 November 2015 with music from Jimmy Nagle and the Border Fiddlers.

Bronson - Traditional Tunes

Bertrand H Bronson's
essential ballad collection:
The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads
Four volume set with 2,200 pages of tunes and ballad texts.


Child's English and Scottish Popular Ballads

Francis James Child's classic collection:
The English & Scottish Popular Ballads
An excellent new edition.


Vinyl LPs:

We still have some Vinyl LP. We do not repress these any more but we have some excellent mint vinyl stock left for the enthusiasts out there! Click here for More Vinyl LPs
Here are a few classics:

Album cover

Jim Reid's classic album
I Saw The Wild Geese Flee
Includes the song: The Norland Wind/ The Wild Geese


Album cover

Scots Songs & Music
Live from Kinross Festival
A historic album of songs and music recorded at the 1973 Kinross Festival.


Album cover

The Foundry Bar Band
Foundry Bar Band
The first album from this famous band from Arbroath - including Jim Reid's song Auchmithie


Songs from the Archives

In a joint venture with Musical Traditions label we have assisted in the release of some archive recordings of traditional singers. Click here for Songs from the Archives

The Brazil Family

Daisy Chapman: Ythanside
Live recordings of songs and ballads from a great but rarely heard Aberdeen singer.


The Brazil Family

The Brazil Family: Down by the Old Riverside
The song traditions of a romany gypsy family.


The Brazil Family

Lizzie Higgins: In Memory Of
Gems of traditional singing – an important part of the Scotland's heritage.


Autumn Harvest

A group of traditional song enthusiasts started the annual Fife Traditional Singing Festival in 2003. The events were recorded in a series of CDs featuring the finest of traditional singers. Click here for Songs from FifeSing

Lizzie Higgins

Old Songs and Bothy Ballads
Gems of traditional singing – an important part of the Scotland's heritage.



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